Initial setup of Uniqkey

Estimated time: 10 minutes

It's super easy to get started - In this guide, we'll show you how to get started using Uniqkey!

To install Uniqkey  

If your desktop app and browser extension isn't preinstalled on your computer, you can go straight to step 3. If not, start at step 1, which describes the installation process.  

The installation consists of these parts: 

 You'll need your computer, invtitation email and smartphone to complete the installation.  


Activating and installing Uniqkey

  1. Go to Uniqkey's website and download the desktop app. 

  2. Click Setup in the lower-left corner of your browser to install.
    At the pop-up window (Windows 10), tap 'more information' and 'run anyway' to install the app. 

  3. Open the 'Uniqkey' desktop app and click the 'Register' button.
  4. Activate your user with your email address and the activation code you received in the uniqkey invitation email.´Then tap 'Next'.         
  5. Now create a Master Password.
    It is important that you choose a difficult code that you can remember.
    When you meet the requirements for a strong Master Code, press 'Next'. 

  6. You can now choose to import passwords that is stored in your browser by pressing 'Import'.
    When the button goes green, your passwords have been imported into Uniqkey.


Before you can complete the installation, you must download Uniqkey's mobile app. See next step.


Download Uniqkey's mobile app 

  1. With your smartphone, scan the QR code in the desktop app.
    Alternatively, search for Uniqkey in the IOS App Store or Google Play Store. Download the app.


  2. Open Uniqkey on your Smartphone and select 'Pair with desktop app'.

    mceclip0.png         mceclip1.png

  3. On your smartphone you will now see a six-digit code. This code you need to enter in the desktop app on your computer. 


  4. On your smartphone, you must now make a password.
    You'll need this code when you want to open the app in the future. The code must be entered twice. You can then connect fingerprints or facial recognition.

     blobid11.png  blobid12.png

You have now set up your smartphone and need to complete the process on the computer.


Install Uniqkeys browser extension 

1. In your desktop app, you've reached the 'Install browser extension' page. Click the button to open your browsers on the installation page. Install Uniqkey's browser extension here. Press 'Install'





2. Choose your own settings or Uniqkey's recommended settings.
Tap 'Approve settings' and then Confirm to approve your browser settings

3. Connect your browser and smartphone by scanning the QR code with your QR scanner in Uniqkey's mobile app.

blobid14.png  blobid15.png

You have now installed Uniqkey!

When you're done with the installation, we recommend clicking on the puzzle piece in the right corner of your browser (if you're in Google Chrome) and finding Uniqkey.

Tap the puzzle piece and then the pin to see Uniqkey's extension in your browser. You're ready to use Uniqkey when you sign in to your cloud services                                                   


You're now ready to use Uniqkey when you sign in to your cloud services.  
















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