Workaround: Logged out of Uniqkey after app updating iOS

If you are one of those who has been logged out of Uniqkey on your iPhone and are unable to log in again, either due to "Server error" or you cannot remember your master password, then you can try this workaround and see if it works for you. We have experienced this working for some of our customers.


Prerequisites for this workaround

  1. You must have an encrypted backup of your iPhone, which was made via. iTunes before the problem occurred (when a new version of the app was installed).
  2. The old version must have been installed and one must have been logged into the Uniqkey app when the backup was taken.
  3. You must be able to remember the password for the encrypted backup!
  4. Backup / restore via iTunes requires a lot of free disk space and will not succeed if there is a lack of space.


Do you have an encrypted backup in iTunes with the old version of Uniqkey installed and logged in, and a password you can remember, then proceed to the instructions below.


  1. Take a new encrypted backup of your iPhone in iTunes before you start restoring your iPhone from the old backup.
  2. After a new backup is made, proceed to restore your iPhone from the previous backup.
  3. Wait until the old version of Uniqkey is installed.
  4. Now open the Uniqkey app and scroll down in the logins, and open your masterpassword. (Only works if you were logged in when you made the backup).
  5. Restore your iPhone from the new backup.
  6. Wait until Uniqkey (new version) has been installed.
  7. Now open Uniqkey and log in using the master password.

If it still does not work after following the guide completely, please contact us at 

If you are one of those for whom it works, then you are also very welcome to write to us and pass this on.


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