Workaround: Move logins to another user

We have experienced some customers have had various challenges with moving logins in the admin portal. This is not intentional and is something that will be fixed soon.

In this workaround, we break down the bugs that we have experienced some of our users have had and how to get around them until a permanent fix is ​​rolled out.


Empty field in Move passwords



This problem occurs when searching for a user, and then follows the  normal flow to move logins.

If the user is the only one who appears after the search, then there will be no one to move to, as the destination user must be on the list of users who appear.

We have recreated the problem as follows:

  • If I want to move logins from Simon Hansen to Katrine Erichsen.


  • I then search for Simon Hansen.
    • If I click on Simon Hansen, and try to move his logins, it will look like the first image with no one to move to, as there is only Simon Hansen on this list.


The solution: Search for the user in the list via. Ctrl + F or scroll up and down the list.

(This is not always possible for companies with more than 100 users in the company).


Users who move to / from are not on the same page

This problem occurs if you try to move to / from a user where you need to switch pages in the list of users. When you change pages, the user you want to move to / from is no longer on the same page, and thus it is not possible.

We have recreated the problem as follows:

  • Here I try to move logins from Simon Hansen to Katrine Erichsen, but we are not on the same page, so therefore it can not be done.


The solution: We have made a quick-fix, so that those who experience this problem can have logins moved if you have more users than shown on the page.


  • First, press "right-click" at the bottom of the section where you select how many rows you want to display.
  • Then press "Examine".


  • After pressing "Examine", DevTools will appear on the right side, as shown in the picture.o
    • Select the one called select aria-label "rows per page" as marked on the image.
    • Select the Value in blue -> change it from 100 to 1000 and press "Enter".

  • It should like like this:


  • Now close DevTools 
  • Update the page and select "100 rows". The full list of users should appear as in the picture.



As mentioned, this is a temporary fix that should have a permanent solution very soon.


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